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(works great with Firefox!)

Feb 2015 -- Free Win8 DVD Player Software

-Well, Microsoft did it again. Windows 8 Home Edition has no media player software.

Microsoft took a feature that has been a part of Windows for the last 20 years, and removed it, then made it available at additional cost. If you're not an IT Professional, you might not know it until you try to play a DVD Movie.

Well, have no fear, because lucky for us the GNU/GPL community is looking out for our sanity. VLC Media Player has been around for almost as long as Windows, its free, and it works even better than Windows Media Player -- without all the security risks!

Its available here and its well worth the free download: www.videolan.org

If you need more information about Windows 8/8.1, contact us.

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If it's free, it's for me! Teamviewer is free for personal use. A quick and easy way to enable remote access to your desktop PC from anywhere, it works through firewalls and routers with no setup required.


VLC Video Player


This is free video media player software -- works great for Windows 8 Home Edition.